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        晟 勒 機 械 SARLE

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          晟勒(上海)機械設備有限公司,是一家專業從事于高端物流搬運設備的現代化企業,總部成立在科技創新的上海。以上海為起點業務覆蓋全國(在上海、蘇州、廣州、合肥、杭州、寧波、蕪湖、陜西、重慶、山東、吉林等各大城市 均有售后服務網點),提供送貨上門安裝服務。

            目前公司已通過ISO 9001質量管理認證,并且榮獲AAA級質量服務誠信企業。多年來晟勒SARLE以德國“匠心智造”的精神,打造品質產品,始終秉承著“只作精工品質”的信念,我們不僅僅可以提供一部卓越的好產品,而且在服務品質方面,我們做的更加出色!




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               用心制作,精于細致 ! 

            Shengle (Shanghai) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specialized in highend logistics handling equipment. It takes highend material handling products as the service base point, and gradually expands the service scope of industrial products.

          Over the years, sarle Shengle machinery has always been adhering to the "Seiko quality" belief, we can not only provide an excellent good product, but also in the service quality, we do better!
          The pioneering spirit of innovation and the market sense of the prophet make sarle a pioneer of green industrial machinery and a leader in the field of storage material handling. On the way of expanding the field of industrial integrated supply, we have taken a healthy and effective development road. The ODM R & D and sales mode we have adopted make us become the pioneer in the field of integrated supply of industrial equipment One of the excellent MRO solution suppliers in China!
          In China, sarle has conducted indepth research on the various industries and structures of the mainland market. Combined with the experience of market development and management in Europe and the United States over the years, we have embarked on a successful road of superior management, exquisite technology and service in place, adapting to and taking root in the Chinese market in a very short period of time. Over the years of development, we not only focus on material handling and lifting machinery, but also become the leader in the field of environmental protection, energy saving and aerial work platform! We not only focus on providing integrated onestop basic industrial equipment procurement platform for customers, but also are good at providing complete set of intelligent system solutions for major customers!
          Sarle's advantages: good at integrating customer demand resources, providing a onestop whole set of planning solutions to help our customers be good at their effectiveness and enjoy their success!
          As the industry benchmark energy efficiency industrial products team, we as always know the responsibility of the enterprise, shoulder the social responsibility of the enterprise, and fulfill the relevant enterprise obligations! We have always contributed our greatest strength to the society with the pace of development. Every time we bring forth new products and solutions, we are striving to help our customers complete a successful leap forward, whether from efficiency or to environmental protection!